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Triiibes Retreat 2012: Brenegar on Leadership Flow Part 2

19 Mar

Here are highlights from another of the sessions at the Triiibes Flow Ventura Retreat March 16-18 2012, “The Flow of Community: Values, Communication and Business Leadership Flow in community” by Dr. Ed Brenegar, Ph.D.

To illustrate his point, he showed a video interview with Talia Leman. Leman, 15, is the founder of RandomKid http://www.randomkid.org. This video is from her talk at TEDxYSE: Unleashing Young Social Entrepreneurs on November 13th, 2010.

Key to moving or shifting from a network to a community is making a connection and elevating values. How? Brenegar starts with a story about the six lessons from Johnny Bunko by Daniel Pink:

1) there is no plan
2) think strengths not weaknesses
3) it’s not about you
4) persistence trumps talent
5) make excellent mistakes
6) leave an impact

In a contest, Brenegar offered that the 7th lesson be “Say thanks everyday.” He lost out to “Stay hungry” by Becky Blanton, thanks to support by Seth Godin who motivated his community to vote for her.

But Ed won too–he ended up with a transformation strategy he calls the 5 actions of gratitude; he posted this chart on his site:

1) Say Thanks–tangibly!– Everyday
Use notecards and send them out all the time. If in doubt, send one! This connects you with the person.

2) Give Back
It’s more than money, it’s time.

3) Be welcoming

4) Honor Others

5) Create Goodness

Some questions to consider…

Who are we impacting?

You do what you can do the best you can and invite others to do the same. The more we learn about how to do that the better we will all be.

What opportunities do we have?

What keeps our community from creating the impact we desire?

Ed’s posted his slideshow here: http://www.slideshare.net/edbrenegar/the-flow-of-leadership-flow-ventura-retreatdr-ed-brenegar

Read more about leadership Ed on Ed’s website.

Triiibes Retreat: OPUS NOVUM

17 Mar

On to the next session at the Triiibes retreat: Investing In Ideas That Change the World  by Opus Novum  with Florian Selch in the house and Dr. Khalid Al-Ali online.

Dr. Al-Ali starts with the foundation of how to form an organization that can change the world: you need good people, open mindshare, mutual collaboration, and positive impact.

Which begs the question: who are good people? how do we find them and bring them together? You build a magnet using these principles:
1) make it simple
2) place trust and loyalty first
3) give before you take—nothing can be placed in a closed hand
4) honor the mentor/apprentice tradition
5) seek collaborative community
—without this, your employees will see you as a paycheck
6) apply social norms
7) favor wealth creation over wealth collection
8) be a positive change agent

An organization needs structures supporting people instead of people serving structures (the brand etc, the people behind the logo).

People who want to be more involved with this organization can apply to be a fellow.

Seth Godin: The Connections Economy & More on Triiibes

17 Mar

I’m back at the Triiibes retreat in Ventura and listening to Seth Godin on a live feed where he’s doing a Q & A with participants.

Right away he’s pushing my nod button as he talks about the transition to the “connection” economy from an industrial economy.

Read All Marketers tell Stories reminds Seth Godin to Dr Andrea Neal who operates the non-profit Blue Ocean Sciences. In talking with Seth, she realizes what she’s doing is telling too broad a story and she needs to focus the story.

Now stone sculptor Michele Chapin of Stoneworks Studio is asking Seth about how to approach art sales now that people can see it all on the internet but what they buy is the story.

What is worth more is famous, says Seth to Michele.

Ok now I’m nodding my head again as someone asks about Stop Stealing Dreams, Godin’s recent online manifesto about education.

What he finishes the manifesto with his not changing it from the top down but from the parent, child, and activist level–the community level. It’s a grass-roots movement that’s happening more and more. We need to stop handing over authority to the institution, he advises.

When I go up, I tell him a little about myself and my college students, and I ask him what he would do with my summer school classes. He suggests I get them blogging which is what I have done in the past. But what is key or different that clicks is getting them blogging EVERY DAY. He suggests that I  contact Cathy Davidson who is doing something similar.

Last words: If you can’t connect with people, change the message.

Thanks to business coach and WEV instructor Gloria Miele for taking this photo and sharing it on facebook.

Triiibes Invades Ventura 2012

15 Mar

Members of Seth Godin’s invite only Triiibes ning have invaded Ventura’s beachfront Crowne Plaza Hotel for a weekend of conviviality and transformation entitled “Flow Ventura 2012″. Activities range from surf lessons to more traditional business and success related talks–see schedule below.

While the events are limited to members of Triibes (and the occasional local Linchpin), it is being video-taped; when the material gets up, I will link to it here.

In the meantime,  I’ll try to get some posts up with highlights here and here’s the schedule: (more…)

Welcome to WordCamp SF 2011!

14 Aug
Time Here’s the program–and what I’ll be doingand blogging about today!Information and Inspiration How-to, Tips, and Tricks
Opening Remarks
State Of The Word
Lunch! BBQ Buffet on the Terrace
Lightning Sessions
Lightning Sessions
IRL FTW! Organizing Meetups and WordCamps
Closing Remarks

WordCampSF 2011 Arrives!

13 Aug

WordPress sponsors WordCamps around the world but the granddaddy of them all takes place once a year in San Francisco.

And that event is this weekend August 12-14, 2011!

It’s a lot of fun as you might guess from my WordPress tattoo which earned me a WordPress moleskin journal in 2008!

This year on Friday WordCampSF offered a new users workshop. If you missed this full day of learning how to blog, and you’d like me to tutor you, let me know! I can teach you!

Saturday is for developers and Sunday is for content creators.

It’s all sold out but you can still attend by joining the livestream and following along the conversation and main points on Twitter. Check out the hashtags #wordcampsf and #wcsf. You might also check out @kashaziz suggestion that there’s a crowdsourced collection of slides from #wcsf here – lanyrd.com/2011/wordcamps…. People can sign in with Twitter to add more.

I attended and “live” blogged sessions at WordCampSF in 2008 and 2009 (plus WordCampLA 2009); it’s just worked out for me to go tomorrow for Sunday’s session, so subscribe to this site (and Art Predator!) and you’ll get what to me are the most important highlights.

Here are some of my blog posts from previous WordCamp Sessions as originally posted over at Art Predator. As I review them, I realize how much I’ve learned from going to WordCamp and I’m excited about learning more tomorrow!

WordCampLA 2009

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September 12, 2009Live Blogging From WordCamp LA 2009

WordCampSF 2009

WordCampSF 2008

Reading & Workshop Ventura College Monday June 27

24 Jun

On Monday June 27 I will be reading my poetry and discussing my writing process, writing practice and The 3:15 Experiment with two classes of Ventura College writing students. I will be speaking with the first class at 10:50am in Trailer 5 for about an hour; I will meet with the second class at 1:50pm in J-1. I’ll also be selling and signing my new book, Middle of the Night Poems From Daughter to Mother :: Mother to Son (en theos press 2011).

You are welcome to join us! Ventura College is located at 4667 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003. It costs $1 to park and there are maps around campus to guide you to the classroom.

If you can’t make the reading but want to buy a copy of Middle of the Night Poems From Daughter to Mother :: Mother to Son, it’s available in print and ebook editions at www.entheospress.com and in Ojai at Barts Books, in Camarillo at Mrs Figgs Bookworm and in Ventura at Kama Sutra Closet.

Tuesday Tips: Know Your Rights! Workshop for Creatives

7 Jun

This is a public service announcement–with guitars! Are you an Artist, Writer or Creator? Do you want to know what COPYRIGHT means and what it protects? Would you like to understand what infringement is? What is fair use? Or whether you have international protection?

Ventura lawyer Kate Brolan promises an informative and interesting presentation “Copyright for Artists, Writers and Creators” on these subjects at the Bell Arts Factory  Weds June 15th at 6PM. And it’s free!

Bell Arts Factory is located at 432 N. Ventura Blvd. in Ventura. Please RSVP by email to k8brolanlawATgmailDOTcom or call her at 805-308-0858 and leave your name and how many will attend.

I met Kate last fall when we were in a WEV mastermind group together. We also discussed some copyright questions I had about my book, Middle of the Night Poems From Daughter to Mother :: Mother to Son (in print or as an e-book from en theos press). Kate is very knowledgeable and helpful, and I am sure this event will be worth your while.

In closing, here’s a brilliant video which combines Pearl Jam cover of Clash classic “Know Your Rights” with cartoon of Donald Duck as a Nazi http://t.co/uvuAUVD

Ojai WordFest: 3/25 Be Well Read! Join Poetry Boot Camp 3/26 with Danika!

25 Mar

I’ve been keeping so busy with Ojai WordFest readings and writing workshops! Here’s an update on how it’s all going and what’s to come including information on Danika Dinsmore’s “Poetry BootCamps” scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, from 9-noon and 2-5pm. I strongly recommend that you attend one or both–they are not just for poets but for anyone who wants a jump start on creativity and some tricks for when the muse steps out of the room!

Ojai WordFest: Be Well Read 3/25! Join Poetry Boot Camp 3/26 with Danika! Ojai WordFest Update! I won the Ojai WordFest slam on Wednesday with my team mate Danika Dinsmore hot on my heals! The event was lots of fun and newby host Georgia Menides did great (with a little tutoring on hosting from Danika and I!) Georgia’s a natural at hosting and I hope she does more. Last night’s Living Room Style Open Mic reading at Big Buddha Lounge also went really well. Danika and I co-hosted it and we had nearly 2 dozen people in at … Read More

via art predator

Ojai WordFest Readings: Poetry Slam 3/23, Living Room Open Mic 3/24, Well Red 3/25

23 Mar

Last week’s book launch events went well! Next I have three poetry readings coming up this week where I’ll be sharing work from my new poetry collection and older work as well.

Wednesday, March 23 at 6pm I will be competing in the Ojai WordFest East vs West Poetry Slam at Bart’s Books, 302 W. Matilija Street. Also on the “West” coast team is Danika Dinsmore and Sequoia Hamilton. Individuals will also have a chance to compete; show up early to sign up. FREE!

Thursday, March 24,  at 7pm join Danika Dinsmore and I for the living room style open mic which culminates our day long writing adventure “Message in a Bottle.” (Learn more about “Message in a Bottle” and register here: http://ocean2ojai.eventbrite.com/) We’re hosting our living room style open mic at Big Buddha Lounge 530 Ventura Ave, Oak View. A living room style open mic means we will be sitting in a circle and sharing poems. Danika and I met at the Taos Poetry Circus where every afternoon poets gathered in a circle outside Cafe Taza to read work together. On Wednesday, we will also have the opportunity to go on stage and perform with a dj. FREE!

Friday March 25, I am scheduled to read between 8:30 and 9pm in the Ojai WordFest Well Red book launch event at Los Caporales Restaurant & Tequila Bar, 307 E Ojai Ave. I am scheduled to read between 8:30 and 9pm. FREE!

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