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Connect Ventura Launches At Westside ArtWalk Summer 2012

19 May

The vision for Connect Ventura is a co-working space for free-lance creative entrepreneurs, a place where they can work together, bounce ideas off of each other.

The space is 50 West Main, Ventura, just West of Ventura Avenue–and the space is rapidly becoming a place as Josh Addison and others dream and vision.

Locals are bouncing around a number of ideas about how people can join the community and be members–whether by the day, the month or the year. Other possibilities under consideration might include 10 pack of day passes, a cafe or lounge member,  or a mail box membership.

Community members  will have access to a kitchen and other office amenities including high speed internet –ethernet and wifi, and a lending library of resources to use or reference.

More than a space or even a place, Connect Ventura is about a community of creative individuals working independently but also bumping into each other with the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, a place to work and to converse.

In Josh’s vision, shared by others, is to offer “wherever we are” sensuality; a surf-agrarian sense of space and place will influence the design and feel. The eworky model suggests:

Nowadays and most of the time, corporate offices look like sort of information plants. They are cold and inhuman, while they should be crucibles of value creation and conducive to creativity, information sharing and employee’s well-being. Following the example of coworking spaces, we have to rethink the design of offices around the five senses of human being.

Other amenities will include places to store surfboards and bikes, and a place to grab a shower after a ride or a session on the water.

A community curator will  host and facilitate the space, somewhat like a concierge, to keep the environment in the flow. Small offices the size of a bedroom ring the perimeter with open space and larger open work spaces in the middle; plenty of room for a range of projects and room available for 50 or more people to work or meet at a time.

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