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Triiibes Retreat 2012: Brenegar on Leadership Flow Part 2

19 Mar

Here are highlights from another of the sessions at the Triiibes Flow Ventura Retreat March 16-18 2012, “The Flow of Community: Values, Communication and Business Leadership Flow in community” by Dr. Ed Brenegar, Ph.D.

To illustrate his point, he showed a video interview with Talia Leman. Leman, 15, is the founder of RandomKid http://www.randomkid.org. This video is from her talk at TEDxYSE: Unleashing Young Social Entrepreneurs on November 13th, 2010.

Key to moving or shifting from a network to a community is making a connection and elevating values. How? Brenegar starts with a story about the six lessons from Johnny Bunko by Daniel Pink:

1) there is no plan
2) think strengths not weaknesses
3) it’s not about you
4) persistence trumps talent
5) make excellent mistakes
6) leave an impact

In a contest, Brenegar offered that the 7th lesson be “Say thanks everyday.” He lost out to “Stay hungry” by Becky Blanton, thanks to support by Seth Godin who motivated his community to vote for her.

But Ed won too–he ended up with a transformation strategy he calls the 5 actions of gratitude; he posted this chart on his site:

1) Say Thanks–tangibly!– Everyday
Use notecards and send them out all the time. If in doubt, send one! This connects you with the person.

2) Give Back
It’s more than money, it’s time.

3) Be welcoming

4) Honor Others

5) Create Goodness

Some questions to consider…

Who are we impacting?

You do what you can do the best you can and invite others to do the same. The more we learn about how to do that the better we will all be.

What opportunities do we have?

What keeps our community from creating the impact we desire?

Ed’s posted his slideshow here: http://www.slideshare.net/edbrenegar/the-flow-of-leadership-flow-ventura-retreatdr-ed-brenegar

Read more about leadership Ed on Ed’s website.

Triiibes Invades Ventura 2012

15 Mar

Members of Seth Godin’s invite only Triiibes ning have invaded Ventura’s beachfront Crowne Plaza Hotel for a weekend of conviviality and transformation entitled “Flow Ventura 2012″. Activities range from surf lessons to more traditional business and success related talks–see schedule below.

While the events are limited to members of Triibes (and the occasional local Linchpin), it is being video-taped; when the material gets up, I will link to it here.

In the meantime,  I’ll try to get some posts up with highlights here and here’s the schedule: (more…)

Listening to Seth Godin in LA: Part 2

9 Nov

Seth Godin’s goal today is make us uncomfortable.

Most of the people have left. A few of us are here crowded together in the first few rows of this large lecture hall.

He’s sitting on the lip of the stage. This is an experiment, he says. He’s never tried this model. We’re going to ask questions, and he’s going to tell stories.

And in the process, he hopes to make us uncomfortable.

More notes from today’s talk in LA to come.

Tues Tips: Seth Godin Talks in LA at The Drucker Biz Forum

9 Nov

Who has succeeded in the past 10 years? Businesses that are doing business in a new way using permission marketing, a term Seth Godin coined.

I’m in downtown LA at the Drucker Business Forum’s talk between Seth Godin and Lisa Napoli.

Mostly it’s Seth talking. Unfortunately, the sound in hear is very echo-y and poor.

But I’m in the house! And I’m taking notes-which I will share with you along the way.

What are selling? A product? Or ourselves. We are all selling something, so everyone is a marketer according to Seth–if marketing is telling a story that people will hear: hire us, buy our product, our story.

What’s our impediments from marketing ourselves?

Seth has a bag of tricks on the stage. He’s pulled out (more…)

Tuesday Tips: Seth Godin on Blog Fatigue

29 Jun

“Do you ever get tired of blogging?”

Seth Godin answers, “No. All blogging is to me, is to write down what I’m noticing.”

So what do you notice? Can you turn an observation into a blog post? Sure you can!

What did you notice recently that seemed remarkable? Take a moment to write about it and see what you discover.

If you found something remarkable, it’s likely that someone else will too. (more…)

Tuesday Tips: Seth Godin on Writers Block

22 Jun

“Ever see a plumber who has plumber’s block?” asked blogger, marketer, and author Seth Godin recently in Boston on his book tour for Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? “Or a talker who has talker block? No! So? No writer’s block. It’s part of who you are.”

He makes it sound easy, doesn’t he? I think what he means is that we humans are storytellers–it comes naturally to us, it’s part of who we are as humans. And what’s a blog but a place to tell our stories? We just have to pick one and start!

However, I know most people experience writer’s block. For some people, it is constipatingly painful. For others, it passes quickly. What do I do about writer’s block? What do I suggest YOU do?

The main trick for me (more…)

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