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WEV Holiday Soiree Right Up The Write Alley: Today 3-8pm

9 Dec

Please join us today, December 9, 2010 from 3:00 to 8:00 pm at the CSUCI Gallery in downtown Ventura to shop with local small business owners to shop for unique and fabulous gifts!

Enjoy holiday shopping at its best with products and services from WEV alumni while sampling fine wine.

Did you know this is “pinot moment” day? You’ve invited to participate in person or online, with friends, at a meetup, on twitter, facebook, or your favorite wine bar. Learn more about the Pinot Moment event here: http://pinotmoment.eventbrite.com/ Join or organize your own  meetup.com/pinotmoment like I did! Join pinot lovers and share YOUR pinot moment at a Holiday Soiree and Boutique! Wine will be served with donations going to WEV. You can also bring a bottle of your favorite pinot to share. We’ll be there from 3-8pm then we’ll head over to the Wine Rack for a little after soiree soiree.

At the Soiree you’ll find fabulous gifts including hand-crafted fine jewelry, gift baskets, travel comfort products, organic cotton artistic handkerchiefs, hair products, scrumptious gift baskets, maternity cloth, locally-made products, presents for your pets, and even poetry books and broadsides by yours truly, Gwendolyn Alley, head coach at The Write Alley.

Gift certificates will also be on sale for a variety of services including housekeeping, massage therapy, closet organizing, makeovers, hair styling and more. Gift-wrapping will be available on-site. Raffle tickets put you in the running for cash prizes and other goodies!

Twenty percent (20%) of all sales will be donated to Women’s Economic Venture (WEV) to meet a $200,000 funding gap. WEV is a nonprofit organization that is building our economy by supporting small businesses through training, loans and counseling. WEV clients created 618 new jobs in 2008 and 2009 alone. The majority of vendors at the holiday sale are WEV graduates.

While downtown has plenty of free parking within a five minute walking distance of the venue, you can have one hour of FREE parking by using this code 1563297.

Check out the website  to learn more about the event: http://www.shopperwithacause.com (thank you Scott www.webguru4hire.com for Website design and development!)

Special thanks to organizers Ana Rojas http://www.comfycommuter.com and Talia Wunder http://www.perfectfitjewelry.com.

Gwendolyn Alley Selected for Women’s Conference Style Network Makeover

8 Sep

I don’t think of myself as the auditioning for a reality show type of person.

Yet that’s what I found myself doing nearly three weeks ago when I was nominated by Tea Silvestre of Women’s Economic Ventures for a makeover by the Style Network show “How Do I Look?” hosted by Jeannie Mai. The big “reveal” is slated to be held on the Main Stage of the Women’s Conference as part of the Day of Transformation and Healing with Maria Shriver interviewing the lucky winner about her business.

That’s right, this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I mean, Maria Shriver? Talking with me about my business in front of thousands of women? That’s got to be the ULTIMATE networking event!

So I drove down to LA and auditioned. I talked about myself, and WEV and why I was nominated. I told lots of stories, probably revealing way too much about myself as I made the casting director laugh and cry. I brought a huge suitcase full of clothes and held them up and told stories about them too.

And then I waited and waited and waited to hear the results–which I got today when the casting director Jill called to tell me I’d been selected!

As you can imagine, I am VERY excited! I mean, Maria Shriver? Hello? Deepak Chopra will be there and Tony Robbins and Carol Gilligan and one of my favorite poets Mary Oliver and Sally Fields and Suze Orman! Oh, and OPRAH! And 10,000 women a day will be attending! (more…)

Advice for WEV’s TO SET Class Transfers to Many Classes!

6 Sep

Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) asked me to be on a panel tonight to talk with the new students in the Self-Employment Training (SET) Fall 2010 class in Thousand Oaks at Cal Lutheran University.

As a grateful recent graduate, I said yes, I’d love to share my experience and advice!

They asked me to prepare the answers to the following questions (in bold), and I told the students tonight that I would post my responses on this blog.

So welcome SET students! And congratulations on taking the class and committing yourself to a new life! Please subscribe while you’re here–it’s easy! You can subscribe by email or RSS feed. And if you’re on facebook, please join us in conversation there, too: http://www.facebook.com/The.Write.Alley (more…)

Write Alley Coach Auditions for Style Network Make Over

18 Aug

Yes, it’s true: tomorrow I will drive to Los Angeles to “audition” for “How Do I Look?” –a show on the Style Network hosted by Jeannie Mai. (more…)

Intro to Blogging Workshop Set for Bell Arts June 19

11 Jun

The Bell Arts Factory and The Write Alley will present an introduction to blogging workshop Saturday, June 19 from 10am to noon in the first of a series of workshops designed to help small business owners and artists learn how to use the the WordPress blogging platform and other social media tools to promote their business.

“From Your Head to the Web in 99 Minutes for $99 or less*” is a small, 5-10 person hands-on workshop which introduces you to the basics of website development and blogging in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

In 99 minutes, you will learn how to (more…)

WEV Video Features Gwendolyn Alley

2 Jun

Check out this video about the Women’s Economic Ventures self-employment training class from which I just graduated (with honors!) It starts out with me!

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, or if you want to kick your business up a notch, and you live in the Ventura/Santa Barbara region, I highly recommend you check WEV out. You’ll learn a lot about running your own business and to complete the course, you’ll write a business plan.

Then you’ll be ready to sign up for one of our “From Business Plan to Website” workshops!

Of course you don’t have to be a WEV graduate to take our workshops or to get coaching. But if you are affiliated with WEV, be sure to mention it to receive substantial discounts on our coaching and writing services!


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