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Tuesday Tips: Be a Social Linchpin this week!

17 May

It’s not every day that some of the best, most creative minds doing business today gather where ever they are to discuss ways to be “linchpins” and to bring passion and ingenuity to work and to the world.

But that’s going to happen tomorrow, Wednesday May 18 because Linchpin author Seth Godin has called for a worldwide meetup of Linchpins and linchpins everywhere have responded. Find out where here. Locally, there are a number of Linchpin gatherings. I’ll be at the one organized by David Pu’u and Donna Von Hoesslin at My Florist Cafe in downtown Ventura; it starts at 7pm.

If someone else isn’t organizing a meetup in your corner of the world, do what linchpins do and make one happen!

(What’s a linchpin again? Read about linchpins here. And here. Here too. And here. Heck, just search this site and you’ll see.)

On Thursday, May 19, Jodi Womack (pictured above with Seth Godin and I) has organized another one of her wonderful No More Nylons Women’s Business Socials. (more…)

Women’s Business Social Meets at Ojai Valley Inn: bring books!

16 Dec

On Thursday, December 16 from 5:30-7pm the Women’s Business Social meets at the Ojai Valley Inn.

Join in the spirit of the season by bringing books to give to young people who are incarcerated at the local California Youth Authority facility. Patti Michaels suggested this idea to No More Nylons founder and host of the Socials Jodi Womack and the idea took off from there. Here’s an article from examiner.com about donating books which quotes yours truly.

“Ventura Youth Correctional Facility (VYCF) oversees 360 Youth here in Ventura County who have been incarcerated for major crimes,” posted Patti on the No More Nylons facebook page. “The ages of the Youth are as young as 12 years old and on up to 24 years. If you have books within your library that have touched you and have changed your life in a profound way, please consider donating them to this cause by bringing your books to the next Women’s Business Social Event Thursday night at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.”

I taught writing and literature course for Ventura College to incarcerated young men out at CYA and saw for myself how hungry they were for reading materials that engaged their minds and inspired their souls.

This can be a great way to turn the young people there onto literature–to feed their minds and their imaginations. Many of them are quite bright; they just lack educational opportunities and cultural capital.

For the literature class, I had the guys select from several novel choices to form “book club” discussion groups for class. I asked friends and family to donate the books so the students could write in them and keep them.

They were really fascinated by all the “hidden” meanings in the literature we studied. It got them thinking about symbolism in art and all around us. I also brought in a huge pile of Rolling Stone magazines–that really made them happy!

So please think back to when you were in high school and your early years of college and please bring books to the Social to donate!

Tuesday Tips: Make It Personal

16 Nov

Yesterday, my college students and I were debating how technology could be used to isolate or to connect people. One of my students is doing his research paper on this topic and it sparked a discussion on the benefits of old fashioned snail mail.

Most of the students agreed that it is nice it is to receive a bonafide letter or card in the mail–that it makes the recipient feel special compared to a flurry of facebook messages or emails or ecards. One student and I shared how much we appreciated receiving cards of sympathy when we each recently lost a loved one.

As regular readers of this blog may have surmised, I am a big fan of Jodi Womack, organizer of No More Nylons Women’s Business Socials. She has a great big friendly smile and she generates a positive energy around her.

We had lunch not that long ago and I learned more about this amazing woman who is committed to connecting women AND with her degree in environmental studies, an understanding of the importance of businesses moving in a “green” direction. Then last week, we sat beside each other for Seth Godin’s talk in LA and during breaks, excitedly shared ideas, thoughts, and comments.

I know that Jodi is a big fan of personal connections and following up on meetings by sending cards. So I shouldn’t have been surprised the other day, when I received an a scenic card from her by snail mail. In it, she said she was impressed with me and how I showed up to hear Seth even when I wasn’t sure how I was going to attend his talk.

Wow! I’m still smiling and glowing! In fact, I’ll be glowing all the way to Ojai for the Nov. 17′s Women’s Business Social from 8-10am at the Oaks!

Need a little more notice to make tomorrow’s event? Put next month’s gathering on your calendar now: Dec. 16 at the Ojai Valley Inn. It will be all decked out for the holidays and I am sure it will be a festive evening.

Saturday’s Special Events: Socialize, Network, Shop!

5 Nov

Today will be a busy fun day: meeting with a new client about blogging in the morning, then lunch with some of the most amazing women in business I know (Jodi Womack Hilary Forstadt JilerTea Silvestre, and possibly Donna Van Hoesslin), then my husband and I are going to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see Massive Attack and my favorite, Thievery Corporation! (Above is Thievery Corp’s “Lebanese Blond” to celebrate my being blond once again! More on that next week…)

Saturday will be great too: The Ojai Film Festival is happening this weekend and they asked Jodi Womack and the Women’s Business Social to join in the festivities at Libbey Bowl near the Gazebo from 1-3 for a meet and greet with the women participating and showing their work at the Festival. It’s free! Just bring your self, your female friends, your smile and your business cards! (I’ll have my book marks and books with me too!)

Saturday night from 6-9pm I’ll be helping set up for fellow Women’s Economic Ventures classmate and graduate Talia Wunder’s Jewelry Show and Business Launch at the Santa Paula Museum 117 N. 10th St, Santa Paula, California.

At the Women’s Conference, I wore a necklace and earrings that Talia designed (as seen in the video below).

Talia will donate 10% of all sales to the Santa Paula Art Museum and Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV). I’ll have some of my books and plenty of bookmarks too; I will donate 50% of any sales to WEV and the Museum.

Talia chose to have her business launch and jewelry show at the Museum because her jewelry is all handcrafted in Santa Paula, California by Talia herself. All of her Devone Design Jewelry is made with high-quality materials including semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, 14k goldfill (lifetime-bonded 14k gold) and pure Argentium 930 Silver (virtually tarnish resistant).

Talia offers what she calls “Perfect Fit service” because she will adjust the length of necklaces and bracelets and change earrings to clip-on or other earring post styles.

Talia started Devone Designs in 2009 to fill the gap between luxury fine jewelry and disposable costume jewelry. Individual design inspiration comes from the stones themselves. “I see, touch and feel all the genuine stones and pearls before deciding to design with them, and it seems that they all have a story to tell,” says Talia.

Talia’s jewelry is are perfect for professionals: not too fancy or ritzy–very classy and classic. They look as original as you are!

I recommend you do what I did: bring with you that item of clothes that needs just the right accessory! Before the Women’s Conference, I brought over the clothes I was planning on packing and she helped me select two necklaces and a pair of earrings that allowed me to pull my looks together in the way that jewelry does best.

See Talia’s jewelry in person or online  www.perfectfitjewelry.com or call Talia at 805-312-1845.

PS She even named one of her jewelry lines after me–it’s the Gwendolyn line! Really! Beautiful stones set to show off their natural beauty!


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