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The Difference Between A Coach & A Copy Editor/Writer

21 May


The first step in working with The Write Alley Coaching and Writing Strategies is a free initial consultation where we discuss your needs, time line and budget then come up with a plan to meet those exact needs. After a consultation and an analysis of what results you wants to achieve, we create a plan of action to move forward on specific writing projects in order to get it done in a timely fashion and to achieve your goals.

The difference between a coach and a proofreader/copy editor/copywriter is simple. This may require coaching, various editorial and writing services, or a combination of both.

A writing coach helps clients understand how and why you write the way you do, help him or her to determine what’s keeping them from you from writing properly, and guide the client as he or she works on a writing project.

A coach doesn’t edit client content; instead a writing coach offers feedback on word usage, grammar, organization, and clarity.

A coach acts as a personal trainer for writers, helping them set goals, stay with their project over the long haul, to meet deadlines. A coach helps a client to work hard and smart and get results.

For the small business owner, a writing coach brings out the best that’s already there by focusing on what you need to write and to create. The Write Alley coaches figure out what will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams, goals and tasks. The Write Alley coaches encourage, support, applaud, and empathize with the struggles of writing for clients and help them discover the “writing wisdom within.”

In contrast, a editor or proofreader will correct or identify mistakes without telling the client why and often without telling the client what consistent, incorrect patterns they might have in order to change them.

Sometimes we need a coach. Sometimes we need an editor. We at The Write Alley can help you no matter what you need.


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