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A Pep Talk

17 May

On Wednesday, May 19, I will graduate with honors from the Women’s Economic Ventures Self Employment Training class where I have been learning how to transform my dream of being a writing coach into reality.

I guess as I was the resident writer in the class, the class had the confidence in me to vote for me to give the class speech at the graduation ceremonies which combine seven classes in two counties–nearly 100 graduates plus their families and other dignitaries would be in attendance.

I wasn’t sure what was expected of me but I had a concept that I thought would be fun and funny, get people’s attention, maybe make them laugh, and certainly make them think a little and remember me and the speech.

If someone makes a video of graduation, and specifically of my three minute speech, I’ll put it up on here on The Write Alley. In the meantime, your imagination will do a great job! Keep in mind it was written to be read, and read a loud and fast and like a high powered coach!

Ok, Team Thousand Oaks, Stand Up! It’s time for a little Pep Talk for the WEV High Rollers Roller Derby Team before the Big Game tonight! First let’s see who’s here: (more…)


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