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What Are Words Worth? Theme Songs part 2

28 Oct

Two weeks ago I posted about finding my theme song and asked what’s your theme music–what’t the music that gets YOU going and that you identify with.

Unfortunately, at rehearsal on Monday, I found out the Style Network chose the song “Walking on Sunshine” for me. While it’s not a bad song and it certainly wasn’t a song I’d ever choose,  I hammed it up appropriately and danced so convincingly across the stage during the rehearsal that the other women were encouraged to take after me!

Since I had planned on doing a blog post post-conference about my theme music, I am going to anyway–the Style Network might have been able to take away my blond hair (temporarily!), they can’t take away my theme music!

I chose Tom Tom Club for my theme music for the reasons I talk about here, but also because of a video I found two weeks ago (above) and because of an interaction I had with Tina Weymouth.

I have an eclectic fashion style. I have lots of vintage clothes and fun hats and scarves and I enjoy dressing up and going out dancing, to parties or on bike rides.

So when I dressed to go see Tom Tom Club (more…)

What’s YOUR Theme Song?

14 Oct

Today Sonia from the Style Network show “How Do I Look” hosted by Jeannie Mai contacted me about what I would like to use as my “theme” song: what was a song that I really liked, that would make me want to dance, and that would make me feel good?

Have you ever thought about what YOUR theme music is?

What a question!

My son wasn’t feeling good today so he joined me in the search for the right music to suggest to them.

My first thought was the classic James Brown song, “I Feel Good.” How could someone NOT hear that song and want to jump up and dance?

Then I thought I’d like to have something more original so I asked Jeff Kaiser who is a musician and composer working on his Ph.D at UC San Diego and who has been a friend since we were children.

Unfortunately, they didn’t want anything too original.

I next thought about music that I really liked and identified with, music that had been a part of my life, and I came up with the Tom Tom Club. I have been a huge fan of the Talking Heads since the late 70s and since Day 1, I loved Tom Tom Club (which is made up of Heads band members Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz).

It didn’t take but a minute to know which song: “Tom Tom Club – “Wordy Rappinghood”which was on their original album released in 1981 and which has been recently re-released in a live version:

What do you think–perfect or what?

I really like the idea of having my own theme song–music that will perk me up and motivate me, inspire me and connect me with myself, make me want to dance through life.

What’s YOUR theme music? Please tell–maybe leave a link too!


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