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The Check Came in the Mail!

29 Oct

Last Friday, I was thrilled to receive my new books, bookmarks, and business cards from the printers.

This Friday, I am thrilled to receive a check from E! Entertainment for One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars And 00 Cents!

That check will go a long way toward getting my new business The Write Alley Coaching and Writing Strategies and my new book Middle of the Night Poems From Daughter to Mother :: Mother to Son off the ground!

Wow! It’s still hard to believe! I was shocked when “How Do I Look” host Jeannie Mai announced on stage at The Women’s Conference that I would be receiving $1500 of office furniture. Then when segment producer Sonia told me a check for $1500 was on its way and I could spend it how I liked to help my business, I was even more shocked! Really? Wow!

And today here it is–a check for $1500! Can you see me doing my happy dance to Tom Tom Club?

Head Coach Gwendolyn Alley Prepares for The Women’s Conference with new poetry collection!

20 Oct

Yes that’s me, Gwendolyn Alley, in the black and white photo (under the Governor!) listed as a speaker at this year’s Women’s Conference, the premier conference and networking event for women in the country if not the world!

At least that’s how I look now! On Sunday, I will begin a makeover; on Monday night on the Main Stage in the Village at the conference will be the reveal!

Go see for yourself at the Women’s Conference Website!

Getting ready for this has kept me very busy! For the occasion I decided to put together a collection of my poetry that traces my journey of being a daughter, becoming a mother, and losing my mother all from the perspective of 3:15 am on August nights from 2002-2010.

I am also working on new business cards and bookmarks for the book and my business! I’m very very excited about being a part of the Women’s Conference and getting a makeover from the Style Network!

Please join me on my journey!


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