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Seth Godin’s Linchpins To Meet Tuesday, December 7 2010

6 Dec

A few weeks ago, Seth Godin announced that tomorrow, Tuesday Dec, 7 would be the next date set aside for Linchpins from around the globe to connect and meet together; go here to find a gathering near you. Learn more about Linchpins in general and Ventura’s Linchpins in particular here.

There are several groups meeting in Ventura County; I plan to join Linchpins in Ventura at 7pm at Candlelight, located on Santa Clara at Figueroa. Let us know you’ll be joining us by signing up here: http://www.meetup.com/Linchpins-are-everywhere-raise-the-flag/36207/

Unfortunately, I will have to leave early: my Ventura College students and I will be attending Dottie Grossman’s 7:30pm poetry performance with Michael Vlatkovich at the Artists Union Gallery; we’ll be reading in the open mic.

And if you can’t make it, you can always snuggle up with your own copy of his book Linchpins and imagine yourself in the company of these fine folks!

(PS Subscribe so you don’t miss out!  For tomorrow’s Tuesday Tips, I will be posting some of the highlights from the session I attended with Seth Godin in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at the Drucker Business School! Here’s a post already up about Godin’s LA breakfast talk.)

Ventura Linchpins Meet 7pm Sunday October 17

15 Oct

What a great way to finish your Ventura ArtWalk weekend–with a Sunday Oct.17  7pm gathering of Ventura Linchpins at Candlelight on Santa Clara at Figueroa followed by dinner at one of their long tables!

So what’s a Linchpin and why would you want to join us?

Seth Godin describes Linchpins in his latest book of that title, which I wrote about here (and there’s two related blog posts, a video, a review by Hugh McLeod and more).

One of the Ventura Linchpins, Betty Belts Donna Van Hoesslin suggests people who are curious listen to Seth Godin and the Entrepreneurial Revolution on the Entrepreneur Video Network of Entrepreneur.com.

An important element of being a Linchpin is “shipping”–not just thinking about doing something but actually doing it.

Ventura’s Linchpins are doing some serious shipping. They’re not just talking, they’re taking action.

(And what am I shipping these days? Next Friday, a new poetry book: Middle of the Night Poems From Daughter to Mother, Mother to Son –available from me or from en theos  press–just in time to share at The Women’s Conference in Long Beach where I am speaking on Monday.)

Here’s the official event info http://www.meetup.com/Linchpins-are-everywhere-raise-the-flag/29581/

I hope to see you there–if not this month, next!

Seth Godin’s Linchpins Meet: Ventura Sunday 9/12 7pm

10 Sep

Seth Godin’s latest book  Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?. has readers and fans riled up in a way that none of his previous books have: It’s inspiring people around the world to join forces in spontaneous and organic ways.

Is Godin just smart marketer? Or is it the message he promotes?

I’d argue that he’s an inspiring writer with a meaningful message which urges readers to be so passionate about everything they do that they become indispensable. (more…)


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