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Tuesday Tips: 25 Best Practices for Email Marketing

25 Jan

Kelly Flint, self-professed email geek says “Stay in front of your customers by landing in their inbox.  Less is more; get it out the door!”

In this blog post, I go over some of what I learned from Kelly about email marketing: why and how it works, tips, strategy, techniques, list building, permission marketing, and content tips.

So why should you use email marketing? 91% internet users use email; 225 million people in the US, including seniors which is the biggest growing segment of the internet population. Direct mail costs 20x more than email.

Email ROI: average $43. 52 returned for every $1 (WOW!)  Learning how to do it well by increasing your use of the following best practices, your open rate will increase that ROI. Average open rate is 12%, but if you have great content, the open rate can increase greatly–and your return on investment.

Here are 25 Best Practices for Email Marketing: (more…)

Tuesday Tips: Keep Learning (free workshops Weds on social media & email marketing!)

14 Dec

I love learning. That’s one of the reasons I love writing–you really learn a subject when you try to write about it and explain it to someone else.

I love attending conferences and blogging about what I’m hearing; that gets me to pay attention better because I’m taking notes not just for me but to share with others.

And I love workshops too. Even if it’s a topic I know something about, there’s always more to learn. As a teacher myself, it’s valuable to me to see how others teach a topic. I’m keen on picking up metaphors that others use that click for me!

Finally, I love FREE–especially if I think I’m going to learn something of value!

So that’s why I’m going to spend tomorrow at the Ventura County Office of Education participating in two sessions on social media and email marketing sponsored by Constant Contact, a company that you probably recognize from emails in your inbox. They’re a very popular company (if my inbox is to judge) when it comes to email marketing. I completely expect them to “sell” me on their product; afterall, they are sponsoring the workshop to teach me how to use it.

The sessions  are free–only cost of admission is a business card for each session: 

-10:00am Social Media Marketing Made Simple
-Noon Lunch Break (Lunch on your own)
-1:30pm The Power of Email Marketing

For more events go to: www.losangeles.constantcontact.com


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