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Intro to Blogging: Steps to take before you get started

18 Jun

What do you need to do BEFORE you register and get started blogging? This is the handout I sent along to tomorrow’s workshop participants and which I will be using with my college students next week. Let me know how it helped you!

Blogging 101: Intro to Blogging—From Your Head to the Web
with Writing Coach Gwendolyn Alley (more…)

Intro to Blogging Workshop Set for Bell Arts June 19

11 Jun

The Bell Arts Factory and The Write Alley will present an introduction to blogging workshop Saturday, June 19 from 10am to noon in the first of a series of workshops designed to help small business owners and artists learn how to use the the WordPress blogging platform and other social media tools to promote their business.

“From Your Head to the Web in 99 Minutes for $99 or less*” is a small, 5-10 person hands-on workshop which introduces you to the basics of website development and blogging in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

In 99 minutes, you will learn how to (more…)


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