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Tuesday Tips: Want to be a better writer? Write!

12 Oct

Before I started this blog, I was coaching someone who sincerely wanted to know what the secret was to being a better writer. I told him it was no secret–he had to write. A lot.

I told him a few more ideas and the result is this blog post which I put up over at Whisper Down The Write Alley, which is the blog I started back in January 2008 for my college students (and which averages 75 page views a day during the past two years).

To get better at writing you have to write. A lot. Every day. For at least 20 minutes if not an hour. Pulitzer Prize winner columnist, university writing teacher, and author of many textbooks Donald Murray says “Never a day without a line.” So write something, anything, every day. Want one of his books? My favorite is The Craft of Revision. Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, suggests creative types of all kinds write three pages in a noteb … Read More

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On The Road with Head Coach Gwendolyn Alley

24 May

My family and I love to travel. As often as possible, we hit the road for camping trips in our VW Westfalia. On this trip, we will be doing lots of hiking, biking, fishing, and exploring.

I find these getaways very important to clear my mind: open roads and open sky invigorate and inspire me. I always come home with so many ideas for what I want to do in this world to make it a better place. Too often our lives are so crammed full and hectic that we don’t allow our creativity a chance.

Getting out and stretching your legs and your lungs stretches your mind and allows you to find new and sometimes surprising answers to wicked problems. This is one reason why we at The Write Alley facilitate “Walk & Talk Networking and Writing Workshops” where we walk and talk along the Ventura Beach Promenade at least once a month on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am-9:30am. We’d love to have YOU join us! Subscribe to this blog and you’ll get all of our latest news about events and workshops.

I’ll have my laptop with me and I expect to do some writing too on this trip! I might even get a chance to do some posting while we’re on the road. I’ll be back here at The Write Alley on June 1.

In the meantime, please email me at gwendolynalleyATyahooDOTcom if you have any questions about how we can help YOU improve your writing, your business and your life!


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