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The Women’s Conference: waiting & watching from afar

26 Oct

Yesterday was a “Day Of Transformation and Healing” and “A Night at at the Village” at the Women’s Conference.

What an absolutely amazing event; unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to attend. I had to leave Deepak Chopra’s talk early for a rehearsal; the rehearsal was scheduled after his talk but I was told I was needed immediately–which was not even close to the truth and which meant I sat in the convention hall waiting around for 90 aggravating minutes. I couldn’t even get online to hear the rest of his talk on the Women’s Conference website. I promise to get my notes turned into a blog post as soon as possible.

Above is a photo of “How Do I Look” host Jeannie Mai during rehearsal. Her glasses are so clear you can put your finger right through (but you might poke her in the eye so be careful!). It’s all about style she told me. We also talked about Vietnamese food and I invited her to visit with me the An Lac Mission Buddhist Temple in Ventura in February for a huge festival celebrating the visit of the Jade Buddha.

When the rehearsal was over, I wasn’t allowed to stay at the convention center: I had to leave my car there and be driven back to the hotel where I had to stay with the other women in one of two hotel rooms until I was called in almost four hours later for my hair. I couldn’t even go to my own room.

At least today I thought (more…)

Write Alley Coach Auditions for Style Network Make Over

18 Aug

Yes, it’s true: tomorrow I will drive to Los Angeles to “audition” for “How Do I Look?” –a show on the Style Network hosted by Jeannie Mai. (more…)


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