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Tues Tips: Seth Godin Talks in LA at The Drucker Biz Forum

9 Nov

Who has succeeded in the past 10 years? Businesses that are doing business in a new way using permission marketing, a term Seth Godin coined.

I’m in downtown LA at the Drucker Business Forum’s talk between Seth Godin and Lisa Napoli.

Mostly it’s Seth talking. Unfortunately, the sound in hear is very echo-y and poor.

But I’m in the house! And I’m taking notes-which I will share with you along the way.

What are selling? A product? Or ourselves. We are all selling something, so everyone is a marketer according to Seth–if marketing is telling a story that people will hear: hire us, buy our product, our story.

What’s our impediments from marketing ourselves?

Seth has a bag of tricks on the stage. He’s pulled out a shark, a rubber one, and pointed out that more people are killed every year by DEER than by sharks.

We’re hard wired to be fearful of something that’s got big teeth, like a shark. Even though we are no longer threatened in the same way by something with big teeth.

The lizard brain is really something that scientists have identified in your brain, it’s not just something that Seth talks about.

Factory workers survived by doing what they were told: “I better not do THAT because I might get fired.” (Know anyone fired for doing THAT?)

Are people promoted by following the rules or by leveraging ideas and connections?

Our brain resists, our fear immobilizes us.

LA is a tarpit for people to fail.

Do you really want to people to read your book? Post it online and if it’s good it will spread.

We toil away waiting to be discovered. If you do the work, you’re doing the work.

Check out “brainwashed” on his website, suggests Lisa Napoli.

He makes it sound easy. But it’s not. However it’s simple.

You have to put your “art” out in the world. what the internet did by destroying traditonal media was take away the gatekeeper.

SOME people want h ta gatekeeper–

but by taking away the gatekeeper we’ve taken away the excuse.

If you have something that people want to hear, they will find it.

It’s one step at a time. It’s figuring out a need and filling it.

Manager vs leaders according to Seth Godin: leaders challenge & look toward tomorrow; managers recreate what happened yesterday #triiibes

Our revolution is how cheap it is to get started to work on the weekends until it flies.

NOBS Business School. Business school is hard to get into and networking. That’s the biggest benefit. The rest he says is a total waste of time.

If you want to do real work, launch your own business and take your money and invest it there rather than in business school.

Instead of “networking” we need to be human with each other first. We need to get to know each other.

Art is a distinct of human endeavor. So is generousity. Seeing art is a gift.

When we think about artists who have contributed to our lives, we think of generosity.

In a post industrial world, we need to be linchpins to be successful. We need to give. We can’t think about what’s in it for us in a direct way. The doors open. The connections are made. You never know what will lead to what next.

Economy used to demand that you dig coal in order to eat. Now the economy demands that you be a genours artist. What’s hard is the “lizard” is freaking out. We can train ourselves to become comfortable in this economy and operate as artists. Do what scares you!

Unemployed? Congratulations, says Seth. You’re free to move on. You’ve lost the thing you were most worried about–losing your job.

What can you do that you can create scarcity around that people will pay for? (Not music! Not poetry!)

People do need connection. How can you facilitate that? That’s YOUR secret to the new economy and your role in it.

Learn more of course by checking out Seth’s two most recent books, Linchpins and Tribes.

And now, please wish me luck in getting in to the rest of the day!!

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3 Responses to “Tues Tips: Seth Godin Talks in LA at The Drucker Biz Forum”

  1. michelemeiche November 9, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

    was there… was a great talk and lots of good ideas. very confirming and inspiring
    the “new economy” is part of the new emerging consciousness where inspiration & creativity are the new hot commodities.
    also, requires that people be authentically themselves.
    seth is such an innovator because he moves past resistance/fear and dares to try… it is “trying” that one sees what really works.

  2. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator November 11, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    Hi, there! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! (I tried to visit your site but the link didn’t work.)

    Yes, I agree with you! And I’m looking forward to reviewing my notes and doing a few more blog posts to process what all transpired in my brain yesterday!


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