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New Write Alley Bookmarks & Biz Cards in time for Women’s Conference!

21 Oct

Ahh, the company I will be keeping! Here’s a screen shot of the page for speakers at the Night at the Village at the Women’s Conference Monday, Oct. 25.

And yes, there I am! How exciting!

Obviously, for an event as HUGE as this, I needed new business cards and materials to promote my business!

And since I have a new poetry collection coming out in a special edition for the occasion, I decided to do bookmarks with information on the book on one side and information on the business on the other.

At the last minute, I was able to recruit friends and graphic artists Borbala Arvai to help me on my business card and the business side of the book mark while Tracy Hudak did the book side of the bookmark. Tracy was also a huge help in paring down the text to the essentials to show off the stunning photograph by Alan Sailer of a shooting star which is on the cover of the book as well.

This afternoon, we sent the files over to Matt Faussett at Fausett Printing; my brother’s high school surfing buddy promises to have them done by close of business tomorrow, Friday.

I am so grateful to my friends. I couldn’t get this book and these materials together so quickly without them. Thank You!

PS Order your copy of the book Middle of the Night Poems From Daughter to Mother  Mother to Son from Tod at en theos press today!

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